5 Weird And Wonderful British Foods You Need To Try

1. Yarg

YargCornish Yarg is a semi hard cheese made in Cornwall, England. It is wrapped in nettle leaves. It is delicious.

2. Scouse

ScouseScouse is a type of lamb or beef stew in Liverpool. A great stew with no sets of ingredients (apart from the basics of meat and vegetables). Tastes amazing – a must do dish if you visit Liverpool.

3. Hevva Cake

Hevva cakeThe Hevva Cake is a traditional Cornish raisin cake, made simply without leavening or eggs. Serve with Cornish clotted cream, and a large cup of tea.

4. Berwick Cockles

Berwick CocklesOriginating in Berwick-upon-Tweed – the northernmost town in England – Berwick cockles are crumbly mints with a red stripe. The original Berwick cockles shop closed in 2012, after 200 years. The sweets are still available online.

5. Stargazy Pie

Stargazy PieFish staring back at you from a pie might not seem especially appetizing, but Cornish chefs know what they’re doing. The elevated heads allow oils to seep back into this pilchard, egg and potato pie.