How It Works


Here you can find a simplified outline of how we arrange the programme for you. If you have any question, just say hello and ask us.

  • You found us

    Great news! You found us. Have a look around on our website to collect ideas for your trip to the UK.

  • Contact

    • Send us an email or call us if you have any questions or if you have a tour plan in mind
    • Get in touch with us if you found your perfect plan among our example tour itineraries
  • Discuss

    We will look at your trip schedule and discuss your requirements with you. Once you are happy with the tour plan, we will email you the final itinerary. You can use the itinerary to promote the trip among your students and customers.

  • Proposed flight details

    Once we’ve finalised the tour, you can provisionally reserve the flight tickets for the number of students that are expected to join. We understand that you may sometimes get a better deal if you fly a day earlier/later. If this happens, please let us know and we will look at your itinerary again to match it with your flight dates and times.

  • Keeping in touch

    We’ll be keeping in touch with you every 2 to 4 weeks to see how the promotion is going and to ask you if you need any marketing materials from us.

  • Final flight details

    Once your flight is secured, please send us your flight details. We need the following details from you:

    • Arrival and departure flight number
    • Flight date and landing time
    • Flight date and departure time
    • Name of the airline
    • Arrival airport
    • Arrival terminal

    If you come by coach, we will need your ferry ticket time and date.

  • Deposit Payment

    Once you see the approximate number of students attending the tour, we will ask you for a deposit payment. This payment is to book the accommodation for you. The deposit payment can be spread over the group up to 8 weeks before arrival.

    i.e.: if you paid the deposit for 45 students but you only have 40 students coming, we will allocate the whole deposit amount over the 40 students up to 8 weeks prior to arrival.

  • Programme details and visa application

    We will send you your full programme details including agreed itinerary, full accommodation address, and airport transfer details (if needed). You can use these documents to apply for the UK tourist visa if required.

    We will also send you the address of the designated drop off point in case you arrive by coach.

  • Full payment

    The full payment is due latest 8 weeks before the arrival date.

  • Waiting for the departure date

    Now there’s nothing else left to do but wait for the trip to come. We will be here to help you with anything that you may need.

  • Tour Manager’s Contact Details

    1 week before your arrival, we will send you your Tour Manager’s contact details and personal information including a photo of the Tour Manager.

  • Arrival

    Your Tour Manager will meet you at the airport or at the designated coach drop off point to give you a warm welcome and to help you with the students.

  • Let’s begin

    Enjoy your tour and have fun. Talk with your Tour Manager or contact us in case of any questions.

  • Time to go

    The Tour manager will take you to the airport and wave you goodbye. Don’t forget to do your tax refund if you are leaving the European Union.

    We will say goodbye to you at the designated pickup point in case you leave us by coach.

  • Feedback

    We will get in touch with you once you are back at home and settled to ask you for your feedback. This feedback helps us to perfect your next trip in the UK.