Teaching Method – English Courses in Perth and Hastings


We believe that interactive and engaging teaching is the way forward in creating inspiring and challenging English classes. Mixing the traditional teaching methods with technology, we have designed a simple but effective class syllabus.

This syllabus focuses upon improving the skills that are difficult to practice in a non English-speaking environment (i.e. communicating and listening). Our main aim is ensuring that you enjoy speaking the English language and you learn something new every day.

You may work on your own or you may work in small teams within your class to complete task-based exercises.

You will also improve your vocabulary and grammar awareness using the latest technology to further engage you during the lessons.

We also believe that learning a language is more effective in a natural, out of classroom environment, where you make new friends from different countries. You are encouraged to use the English language as a way of communication with your new friends both in and outside of the classroom.


Some of the most valuable things we know as adults aren’t taught in a classroom. This is because the most basic life skills are better learned by watching and doing.Students will build the skills needed for success in life through not only their English classes but also the wide range of activities and excursions designed to nurture curiosity and creativity, encourage teamwork and leadership skills and boost confidence.

Acquired Skills
Confidence and Independence
Making connections
Taking on challenges
Starting conversations
Solving problems

Life skills - Communication
Life skills - Making Connections
Life skills - Taking On Challenges
Life skills - Leadership
Life Skills - Confidence and Independence


In the junior English classes, you will develop your English level through a wide range of activities. These activities have been designed specifically to cater to the interests of younger students, to ensure that you are taught English in a fun and interesting way! The class activities include functional grammar, vocabulary input, the opportunity to build your confidence and fluency in the English language.

You will use the Mary Glasgow magazines which include a variety of interesting topics for you to learn about. The Mary Glasgow magazines are graded from beginner to advanced, so you will learn from the issue that is suitable for your English level.

Click - Beginner/Elementary level
Crown - Pre-Intermediate level
Team - Intermediate level
Club - Upper Intermediate level
Current - Advanced level