Introducing English for Less

English for Less was founded in 2009. It is a privately owned company based on the south coast of England offering English courses and educational tours to the United Kingdom.

With the mission to break down cultural barriers through travel and education, English for Less helps students of all ages to experience a different culture to become an international citizen of the world.

Why English for Less

Our job is our passion. We show you all you could gain just by learning another language. You will experience more than just a holiday – it is the beginning of observing the world and people around you from a different point of view.

With our vast experience in the travel and education industries, we make sure that everybody makes the most out of their time in England starting from the accommodation through to the activities, the educational workshops and English courses. You will learn the language, discover more about England and acquire a passion for travelling that may last your entire lives.

We offer all of our students something that encourages them to carry on expanding themselves and to learn more about foreign languages and cultures.

Our Mission

To break down cultural barriers through travel and education.

We believe that being able to speak different languages gives a competitive edge for future career opportunities and creates a different worldview. Our aim is to open up the world for our students by immersing them in the local culture while they are speaking in English. We believe that better cultural understanding brings people together and benefits us all.

Our Vision

To create language learning opportunities for as many students as possible with a focus on supporting developing nations with their educational needs.