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We run for NSPCC

time to get fit

Running is fun. Some say that the best part is when you stop… We’ll leave it to you to decide. EFL decided to have some REAL fun before the busy summer season. We signed up for The Color Run. …and before you ask – yes! The spelling is correct. 😉 The event was started by our cousins across the Atlantic.

@TheColorRun was created in an effort to encourage professionals and novices to run together for fun and to promote healthiness and happiness.


time to sponsor

The Color Run also supports unique causes. We run for NSPCC this year (you may already know of them). NSPCC is the leading child protection agency in the UK fighting against child abuse. They look after and help children in need of all ages and all nations whilst they are in the UK. …and even when they leave too.

English for Less is raising donations to keep this great work going as we are all benefiting from it.

We would like to ask you to support our cause and spread the news. Any donation no matter how small is also very much appreciated. As big brother says – “Every little helps…”

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