Visit London: the Basics in English

If it’s your first time visiting London, or if you’ve been before, learn how to “do” London like a local. These are the basics when you visit London. Watch the video above.

Most important things to remember at a London visit:

  1. The “metro” is called underground or “tube” in London
  2. To use the underground, it is recommended to buy an Oyster Card. Oyster is the travel card that is used in London. It will save you time and money. You can top up (put money on) your Oyster and use it until the money runs out. You can also buy a weekly, monthly or yearly ticket. You can buy Oyster in any shop that has the logo displayed (see above).
  3. When you are on the escalator, stand on the right. This is a habit in England and it allows people to go pass you if they are in a hurry.
  4. Londoners are friendly. If you need help or information just ask anyone on the street or in the tube.
  5. People in England queue. They will wait in straight lines to get served, to get on the underground or buses. Just look whatLondoners do and enjoy queuing.
  6. Video: 1:15 minute – this sound means that it is your last chance to order your last drink in the pub.
  7. There are special pronunciations of some great places in London. Watch the video from 1:25 minutes.
  8. For transportation info, visit the Transport of London’s (TFL) website.
  9. Remember! Cars drive on the left in the UK.

We would like to thank Visit London for this excellent video. We hope, that our little list makes it even easier for you getting ready for this big adventure.

Visit London website and YouTube page.

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