Another 10 reasons to learn English


Why should you speak in English? We have already gave you 5 good reasons to study English with native speakers. We collected for you another ten reasons to learn English. Just pick one and start your journey today! 🙂

One: English is the most spoken language around the world. 1 out 5 people understands it! If you speak English and Spanish, someone will understand you wherever you go around the world.

Two: Many of the most famous movies or songs are written in English! You’ll be able to understand them! The original English version of films and series are tend to be more fun as well.

Three: If you learn English, you’ll be able to visit most websites!

Four: Speaking English is a tremendous asset for your professional career! Doors will open for you and you will have a bigger chance to travel around the world when you work.

Five: English is not hard to learn, compared to many other foreign languages! Both English and Spanish are latin languages. Once you start learning, you will realise that it is not that difficult.

Six: Nowadays, we are surrounded by English (in non English speaking countries of course…). Understanding this language becomes more and more important!

Seven: If you are a student, or just eager to learn, to understand English is almost mandatory since many publications are in English!

Eight: You will be able to visit the 45 countries where English is the official language!

Nine: But you will also be able to travel around the entire world! Even if you’re not going to an English speaking country, it is very likely that locals will understand you if you speak in English!

Ten: For the pleasure! Learning a language, especially English, is rewarding when you see you’re improving!

As you can see, there are many reasons to learn English. The most important thing is to find only one that you can relate to. Once you have a goal to learn a language for, it all becomes easier.

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